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Fri, May. 4th, 2007, 08:35 pm
Virginia Tech - enough already.....please

First, I will say that yes, the recent incident at Virginia Tech was a horrible tragedy. Nevertheless, let us be candid, horrible tragedies are a part of life. Always have been, and here is the key, always will be. Do we need to keep hearing that campuses should be safer? Do we really believe that if the technology were available to send a message simultaneously to all students on a given campus that it would prevent this type of incident? I do not think so. How many times does something like this happen on a college campus in 5, 10, 50 years? I would rather do without the knee jerk reactions and “capitalism” frenzy and take my chances. If anything, Virginia Tech, while tragic, is nothing more than an example of the ridiculous social frenzy perpetuated by corporate media. In 2 weeks will this still be an issue? I'm afraid it will until the next "big" thing happens.

I was thinking today that if the news of Virginia Tech was read as a simple statement on local news and then moved on to other news what would happen? What would happen would be exactly what should happen. Nothing. When would something happen? When US college campuses began to resemble the University of Iraq-Baghdad and these sorts of things happened on a routine basis. Then I would agree it is time to get worked into a frenzy.

And another thing. Just THINK about the ramifications of sending a mass text message to every single student on a campus with a large student body. You'd have 40,000 screaming out of control maniacs simultaneously running out of lecture halls. Vigilante, testosterone filled 19 year olds with guns looking to be hero. The campus malls would be filled with people screaming and running - all this AFTER the "incident" has taken place. I say the best solution is the one we already have. An incident occurs, someone calls the police, and the police quarantine the area - lock it down. Again, I'll take my chances.